Об издательстве

Klaudberri is a private publishing house based in St Petersburg, Russia. We primarily focus on translating non-fiction work, specifically photography and the visual arts.

Our first translated publication was Slightly Out of Focus — the famous photographer Robert Capa’s 1947 memoir. This 2010 release — the first ever translation of this work — was an immediate success.

We utilize a comprehensive approach to the promotion of our products: after the publication of a book we typically set a number of exhibitions, lectures and movie screenings in order to introduce the publication to the public. For instance, upon release of Slightly Out of Focus, the producers of the acclaimed biopic „Robert Capa: In Love and War” (2003) kindly granted us the rights for a public showing. We translated this film and have screened it in various art venues across Russia.

Another issue of great importance for us is the printing quality.We work with some of the best Eastern European printing houses to ensure that our books bring readers a pleasurable experience when they hold the books in their hands.

Our promotion strategy goes beyond general book distribution schemes to work with specialized shops in museums, galleries and other targeted venues. Moreover we are networking with such businesses to provide the most efficient and effective distribution process.

In order to execute this strategy, we regularly make use of online venues for both promotion and sales. We are currently developing a rather innovate technology for working with prospecitve customers via the internet to keep pace with our quickly changing world.

We are young, professional, ambitious and a little idealistic; though always pragmatic.

And we love books, good books.